A leaf, a blade of grass, a songbird, a rock and you and I are the miraculous appearances of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the active presence of Almighty God. The Spirit animates and informs every particle and formation in creation whether it’s subatomic particles or the largest giant red star or galaxy know to astronomers…….Science, will you get out of that comfortable little bubble you’re hiding in, turn to Spirit and let It light up your work or do you care what a real leaf is?

Until our scientist, the people who are defining our physical reality, admit that they have taken the worship of materiality as far as it will sensibly go, admit that the wheels of their little red wagon are falling off and that it’s time to move on from kindergarten to the first grade, we have stopped moving forward and are sliding back deeper and deeper into ignorance, fear, and hedonism.

The light of enlightenment is growing dim. Science, rationalism, and intellectualism are wonderful tools to free us of many of our ills but they are tools, tools that our, supposed, best and brightest people are not thanking God for but, insanely, trying to use them to replace God and of course setting themselves up as the arbiters of all real knowledge. Also, we have three more big problems in the sciences these days in the form of money, politics, and failing human integrity. These are huge, involved problems and I can’t go any further with them here. I’m just here to say, watch science but count on God. Science changes every day, God never changes, He, God or (IT) is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.