God is the only certainty in my life; everything else is my own personal movie; written, directed, performed, and projected out in front of me as my life experience by the will and power of God. This movie, my movie is an absolutely clear presentation of my spiritual understanding and misunderstanding of god’s truth, love, joy, and grace, every moment of every day.

God’s world is perfect, it is our vision that is imperfect, and our movie if, honestly, looked at, with God’s help, shows us what we are misunderstanding, rationalizing, denying, or even totally lying to ourselves about and that’s what spiritual growth is all about and why we are all here, trying to make our movie match God’s truth; I have no doubt that we can do it…………. Glory Hallelujah, praise be to God.



A footnote: The analogy I’ve used of our lives being like a movie for which we are totally responsible is from Richard Bach’s book, ILLUSIONS, published in 1977. I highly recommend it. He doesn’t put the emphasis on God as I do but in the past several decades writers didn’t give God the appropriate credit because it wasn’t cool and as one very prominent Atheist said, it’s much too loaded a word to use for a clear understanding of the real truth I’m trying to share with everyone.