This morning I was thinking of the first miracle Jesus performed in the New Testament where He changed water into wine at a wedding.

The first thing that occurred to me is how similar our human creativity is to this miracle; For example, picture a poet who has what should be an ordinary experience of running into a woman from his past but feels Cupid’s arrow plunge deep into his heart and mind. He stumbles through a short conversation just long enough to get her phone number and learn that she is unattached and clearly open to him.

Like Jesus, who takes ordinary water and produces the wonderful experience of wine to enhance the momentous occasion of a wedding; the poet takes his incredible experience, writes the poem of his life, and inspires his love-hungry readers to continue to believe that love is possible for them at any time, on any day. This same kind of miracle can happen with painters or musicians or just ordinary people.

I think the fact that Jesus performed His miracle at a wedding highlights the miracle of the wedding and all the wonder, love, and joy that is embodied in this mystical union. I also believe that it highlights the miraculous, divine reality of us as children of God.