If you’re not familiar with the Bear, he’s just an objective observer from the
sidelines of my website.

Who believes that a great bird, the Phoenix, can arise from a lifeless pile of ashes? Well, probably no one, but kids and dreamers and people who have found themselves and their life and their grand idea of their importance humiliated, flattened, crushed, burned to the ground in a bed of their own lifeless ashes, and yet, somehow, later lifted to thrive again, a gift, a gift appreciated and nurtured from, hopefully, their humility.


If you’ve been reading my posts that talk about my personal experiences and find that you don’t understand some things, that you need more information, it’s probably because this is an autobiographical chain of events that I start back on April 24 in the post by the name, Double Clutching. This post begins with me trying to run away from my troubles and then trying to come to grips with my responsibilities. It begins in Las Vegas and then onward and upward. Every couple of days I take you a little further into my life back in the ‘70s. So far there are about 15 posts recounting my real-life odyssey. It’s just a little transformation or rebirth story that has been my life. I thought you might like it mixed in with the eclectic pieces. Please leave a comment and let me know if you like it or not or if more clarity is needed.

The Bear