I couldn’t find a good picture of the wizard peeping out from behind the curtain or the good old reliable frog to introduce this announcement. However, the old steadfast Bear agreed to do it. I had two nicknames in college, one was The Bear and the second, which we need not mention, suggested nothing informative or warm and fuzzy, so you get The Bear who thanks you in advance for your attention.


I want to pause here to add a little clarity to my site; not a lot of clarity, just some. First of all, the site is not going to be totally eclectic. I know that there is a certain percentage of people who demand a certain amount of order. So, I’m running a chronological thread of my real life experience from the time my pro football dreams ended to where ever it goes.
Now, because I have chosen to write eclectically doesn’t mean that I’m lost or can’t stick to a subject and write four or five hundred pages. I’ve already done that; I have one adult novel of about four hundred pages, a young teen novel of almost three hundred pages, with a little input from my wife, I’ve written a beautiful children’s book, and of course the rich, powerful book of poetry and poetics featured on the site.
I grew tired and frustrated with the publishing world that has come to be a full-fledged, totally profit oriented business. You do it their way according to their formula or you don’t do it with them, period. What can I say, it’s their business and the old romantic days when publishers and editors had much more leeway to work with new writers is gone. So, they will do it their way because it’s their ball and their ballpark, but this is my ball and my ballpark, total creativity on my own, and I know I have a big beautiful audience out there for my writing. Of course, there is a whole page for comments from visitors, critical or appreciative, please use it. I need to hear both kinds of thought. Now, I want to say, thank each and everyone for coming by to sample what I’m offering. When I think the time is right I will offer my other books, but for now, there’s still work, legal and otherwise to be done on them.