Apparently, our ancestors have been climbing up on mountains and gazing at stars ever since they climbed down out of the trees and began looking for a clue about what was going on, or maybe looking for the ship they saw outlined in the stars, to come back for them. I think they were just looking for any way out of their constant, excruciating pain of survival. Of course, this kind of stress led straight to the discovery of jungle juice to dull their nagging fears that never left them and was the catalyst for all their hopes and dreams.
Well, things ain’t changed much, except we have built telescopes that help us see to the middle of nowhere and rocket ships that convince us we’ve climbed a higher mountain and that we’re so much closer to finding those same old elusive answers that are surely out there somewhere (they couldn’t be within us, right) Of course the drugs (money, power, and sex are drug too) have gotten more powerful and plentiful to keep us from seeing too clearly. So, just as in days of old we make up more exciting and amusing stories to allay our fears and soothe those constant, excruciating pains of survival which have now become full blown insanity for way too many.
So, for me, with all things considered, I’ve decided to stick to the old adage, God is my sufficiency in all things.