Everything I see in my life is perfect; everything that happens to me happens exactly like it’s supposed to happen; this is God’s perfect world. How could any aware human think that they could see any imperfections in God’s creation even if it were possible for God to make a mistake? In our limited vision, in all our limited senses, and in our brain, that is where we find mistakes and imperfections.

Once I stopped looking for mistakes and imperfections, I began to see more and more perfection. All the problems I’d seen before turned out to be a person, place, thing, situation or condition in a much broader reality than I could, in my ignorance, comprehend; As I read, studied, failed, fell on my face, and experienced humiliations and tragedies have I developed much more patience, tolerance, intelligence, and wisdom. Of course, this process has taken God and me many, many years to get to this point but oh the joy as the scales have fallen from my eyes and love and light keeps filling my heart and mind.

Today, I cannot find one single imperfection in God’s creation. If I just open my eyes, heart, and mind a little wider I see where what at first looked like a mistake, a little later, fits perfectly. Amazing!! Only by facing my fears as best I can, on a daily basis do I maintain my much-improved vision and understanding; it takes work but it’s so worth it.