This morning I had a wonderful recollection in my thoughts about just one of God’s incredible, joyous acts of creation.

In November of 1974, in the East African nation of Ethiopia, Dr. Donald Johanson, a Paleoanthropologist, found the fossilized remains of a four foot, sixty pound, female, a humanoid female which he and his young assistant team members named, LUCY, inspired by the BEATLES song, LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS; they were exceedingly jubilant…………. It has been determined that LUCY lived about three million years ago and for a long time she was dubbed by many as the mother of humanity because for several years she was the oldest identifiable, biological source of us humans, we love our mother; the closest earth source of and giver of our life…………. LUCY was a heartwarming find.

In my creative mind, as I shared this little three million-year-old drama or divine play of just one of God’s creations with my wife, my love and joy for my creator soared. In just moments, the God-given wisdom in me felt the miracle of millions of years of God’s incredible creative act. In just minutes or perhaps moments, I re-experienced the knowledge of all my schooling and subsequent study of Biology, Paleoanthropology, Archeology, and the Humanities that had fascinated me for years. This gift of knowledge gave me a structure in my mind to hang my beautiful, enlivened animation of LUCY’S daily life.

Also, I could see the DNA of LUCY and her significant other being carried forth by their seed with the God-given talents of intelligence, imagination, and creativity; using the rich, raw materials of the earth to raise up evolving cultures and civilizations.