I was standing on Mars drinking from a large glass of beautiful, clear, sparkling water. As I drank from the glass, I realized it was unfailingly refilling itself so I matter-of-factly turned it up like an amused toddler would empty his breakfast juice on the table. I felt wonderful, revitalizing energy rising in me as I poured the water out in circles onto the dry, dusty, rocky Martian ground. I poured and poured, and the glass was not empty.

Feeling very pleased, I stopped and looked at a clock beside me which showed only two hours of time on its face, not the normal twelve. That’s fine, I thought to myself and when I looked back to my work I saw the red, black, and sandy soil was pushing up a rich, green biosphere consisting of many very familiar-looking little plants, it was happening like time-lapse photography. All around the biosphere, the surface soil was being drawn toward the vibrant, growing plants revealing a gigantic field of human skulls and human skeletal hands clenched into bony fists of determination.

Through the walls of the dream, I could hear myself reciting the second part of one of my morning prayers………. “Thank you, Father, for revealing to me that I am one with You, that You are all there is, that there is no place where You end and anything else real begins, that You are the “Alpha and the Omega” and yet beyond the “Alpha and the Omega”, beyond all things, thought, ideas, theories, and concepts human, beyond pairs of opposites, beyond duality, yet closer than hands and feet, closer than breath and blood.” Then a new thought occurred to me: I have had many dreams before earth, and I can have as many as I need or want forever for God loves me unconditionally.