God created us humans, here on earth, and inspired us with gifts and talents that have allowed us to create Western Civilization. Obviously, He loves to see us prosper and enjoy great abundance; however, like any benevolent ruler or king, He demands loyalty and allegiance and wants us to love Him for the great material wealth He’s bestowed on us. Of course, like any ruler If He receives rejection, derision and contempt He will, after extreme patience and many second chances, bring judgement and discipline down on those who would like to destroy Him and take all the gifts and treasures for themselves to just be used up frivolously, broken, or just burned. (I’m speaking here of God as a he, but, of course, we all understand God in our own way.)

Doesn’t the above sound very familiar?… Our Creator said that we are not to have any gods before Him. We can have our way of life, our standard of living, our technology, our working out of our personal, family and love relationships, etc. if we bow to Him, adore Him, and worship Him. We can have our world just the way it is today, minus the madness, and stay in God’s good graces if before everything we do, we acknowledge that we belong to Him and serve Him. If we did this our minds would stay spiritually healthy and not get lost in self-aggrandizement. I think a huge percentage of Americans lived like this in the past.

Today, because We haven’t kept our Creator first and acknowledged that He is number one, ahead of all our other gods, we are losing Western culture whose young people, black people, brown people, yellow people, and white people are ready to tear down our world, They are crazy passionate to tare it down but for reasons that are inane and can’t stand up to scrutiny; they just know they hate the western world………….There’s a madness in their soul. (I know we must do something about these companies approaching a trillion-dollar value and all these billionaires, but this is Capitalism, which is good, it’s just being misused. We can fix that.)

In my opinion, what we have here is: the subjects of the king have lost respect for Him, decided that they will take over the kingdom without realizing they have no “real” personal power because the king, who made them, has all the power. Now they have moved so far from the Holiness of the king that they don’t believe in Him and don’t know how to get back to any semblance of where their forefathers were. Now, lost in what looks more and more like true madness, they would rather burn everything down than ask for mercy and guidance, even if they knew how.

With God’s help, we must stand up for who we really are, demand that people follow the law, and the madness will burn itself out. Then we must get God first squarely at the forefront of our thinking or kiss our lives, our kids and our spoiled, lazy buts goodbye. Praise be to Thee Almighty God. God first.