I’ve noticed in the last few days around my back yard that there has been an increase in birds of prey; there are some really beautiful hawks, owls, and some Osprey closer to the river. The hawks and owls especially have, I’m sure, doubled their visits to my house.
Now, I’m a definite subscriber to the belief that my daily world is a true reflexion of my spiritual condition and I definitely interpret the presence of these gorgeous birds as a very positive omen for now and for my future. It brings me a lot of joy to watch them perched high around the yard and I’d swear sometimes the hawks nod at me as they call out in their shrill, eerie whistles sailing in low under the trees. And, who doesn’t love the owls, though quite through most of the day, hoot for hours in the late evening?
This morning a hawk came whooshing right over the edge of the porch where I sat and I felt my spirit rise, but as I turned my head I glimpsed, in another part of the yard, six or seven squirrels scampering right and left. EPIPHANY…….. I was always watching these ever-present little rascals, but it hadn’t dawned on me that their increase might be a perfect reflection of the increase in birds of prey.
Well, this was a somewhat obvious fact that somehow escaped me for a little while, but I will not be deterred from my long-held and very well founded belief about the omens of my life. Clearly, there must be a lapse somehow in my interpretation of the facts. And then, it hit me, I had completely forgotten the rafter of turkeys I’d seen just two days earlier foraging in the field across from my house…….. I can still expect a great abundance in my future.

OK, this is a true, cute, little story on me. However, it does point out that it’s the interpretation of signs that is the problem. Another incident that I experienced was snakes boiling up out of the flower pots at our front door on the morning I took my wife to have a growth in her breast removed. The growth had been confirmed by three different examinations, but when the surgical team put my wife on the table and set up the MRI machine to show the exact location of the lump, it was gone.
By ardent prayer to God by us all, my wife experienced a miracle. The snakes had told me, but I really could only see the worst interpretation and yet it was the best. So, just because I haven’t learned to read the signs and symbols well doesn’t shake my certainty that my daily world experience is a clear picture of my spiritual condition. There are just so many signs and symbols to learn, but I will never stop trying to understand them. And, I believe science helps guide me in learning this ancient practice of mankind.