In the Bible, it says God made us, male and female, in His image. Like the rest of the Bible, this statement has huge, even infinite reverberations when you ponder and meditate on it.

Just one of the amazing points I see in this statement is what the word image means. Normally, we think of an image as a picture or exact representation of something. I look in a big, full-length mirror and I see an exact picture of me; I turn, I jump, and make ugly faces but I can’t fool the mirror – that’s still Jack in the mirror, or is it? ….. Well of course not, it never was Jack in the mirror; it’s just an empty image.

The point is that the percentage of how much of Jack is revealed in the mirror is unbelievably tiny; how about a car, a dog, a computer, or the earth or the universe, you get the idea. So, when I look at you, when I look straight into your face, when I look at your actions, or even when you talk to me, what do I know of you? My God, do I have a lot to learn about you and probably just as much to learn about me and I haven’t even mentioned this miraculous creation we so arrogantly use for whatever we wish ……. Father Almighty God, I am struggling to be truly aware, teach me.