A short story for all kids

Once there was a boy named Dug, who was a real genius but it wouldn’t do him much good because he was the son of a caveman, a real caveman; and one day he would grow up to be a real caveman too if a lion or a tiger didn’t get him first.

The medicine man or shaman of the caveman clan really liked Dug and he would sit around their fire at night telling Dug stories. Dug’s favorite story was about the sun and the moon. The shaman told Dug that the sun and the moon actually rolled across the sky every day and night because there was nothing to stop them; they just rolled off the edge of the world on one side and then rolled back up on the other side to start over again. Dug could actually see the moon rolling in the deep, black, mysterious sky at night and the sun in the deep, blue, beautiful sky in the day and it fired his mind to see how these things worked.

One fine day as Dug sat on a lovely hill, he, without thinking, pushed a nice round rock with his foot and it rolled all the way to the bottom of the hill; he saw a dark spot on the rock go round and round and round as the rock raced down the hill. It reminded him of the sun and the moon going round in the sky, Dug’s mind came alive and he found another mostly round rock and rolled it down the hill, WOW, he thought. Then he found a flat, round rock and turned it up on edge, pushed it and, WOW, it rolled almost to the bottom too. Suddenly, Dug heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw his family screaming and running for their lives.

Many, many thousands of years later another genius boy with an idea burning in his mind was carving a wheel out of wood, WOW; but suddenly……. something happened……. Then, many thousands of years after that the horse cart was born.