America clearly has a lot of enemies who say that America has never been and will never be great; they say it was hopelessly flawed from the beginning. I’m not going to repeat what my first response was to such ridiculous remarks, I will just say to the short-sighted, the ignorant, the mean-spirited, and the aesthetically challenged that I’m sure many of the masterpieces of God and man looked very messy, ugly, and hopeless at many stages of their development.

For example, the Earth, no doubt looked very messy and ugly at different stages of its creation, the universe is yet, to this day, a mind-boggling mystery as it develops beyond awesome and gorgeous, and the mountains and oceans of the Earth rise majestically and then fall away again reaching new fantastic stages of beauty. Man has accomplished beautiful masterpieces in paintings, music, and dance that rose from great ideas and talent joined with masterpieces of friendship, cooperation, and love to evolve prodigious cities and cultures.

So, please, all my fellow citizens of America and Earth, we have all shared in the richness of America and its bounty how about a little patience, love, and understanding for the obvious incredible unfolding potential of our extraordinary country?

America is one of the great masterpieces of God’s master plan, America is not falling, it’s changing.