Again, this morning I awoke in the miracle, in the knowledge of the obvious miracle that is this world, my world, my being, my awareness, my past, my present, and my future. It is Divine.

Again, this morning, I awoke in perfection; the obvious perfection that flows throughout this miracle.

Again, this morning, I awoke in the truth and the grace of God that no one could describe for me or lead me to; they could only point me in the right direction and persuade me to listen for the small, still voice that would lead me there.

Again, this morning, I am awakening in the truth that I am on the perfect path every day for the Holy unfolding of my soul; experiencing exactly what I need to experience, whether it be good or bad by human estimation, to guide me deeper into the Diving love of God and heaven.

Again, tonight, I will lie down in the loving will of my creator and know that I will awaken again tomorrow in the Divine, miraculous, perfect grace of Almighty God on my infinite, eternal journey into my inheritance as a child of God.