I woke up this morning champing at the bit; mad as a hornet at our so-called intellectual leaders, (scientists and researches) of all sort who go around America and the world strutting like flaming, red ass baboons pontificating on how they, their research centers, and their fantastic theories have given the people, the world a great and brighter day today, and tomorrow.

God, they make me mad. They keep ascending higher and higher up in their hot air, mental balloons filled with their theories and self concocted importance, exponentially, removed from the true source of everything. Every time they go out to speak to young people or anyone they should preface every speech with, “By the grace of God, we scientists, we political leaders, we artist are learning more and more about how God’s creation works and we humbly bring these gifts of God to you.

However, most of them have proved to themselves that God is a figment of the fantastic human imagination, the fantastic human brain or they pay small homage to God with a statue or a cross around their neck. They are so self-involved, egotistical and blind that they don’t see or just refuse to acknowledge that all their pride and self-importance is based on nothing but theories; theories that exist only within the parentheses that they invent. Oh, they are incredible, amazing theories, but theories that only they can expound on and teach but, by God, they are still theories and if they can’t see or just refuse, out of ego, to acknowledge that God is beyond their little peanut brain and its little, “golden calf, theoretical, creations”; (like the golden calf the people made while Moses was up on the mountain receiving the ten commandments) they and our little civilization are lost. God help us.

My friends, I love and appreciate science but at this point in our knowledge of reality, our science is like a toy, or not even that, compared to God. If you’ve ever taken a serious look into science, you know how many assumptions they make to make their ideas and theories work; They know how to skin a cat in many different ways but they wouldn’t know the pure truth if it walked up and presented itself to them.