I was reading the biographies of Elvis, Michael Jackson, and many other pop, rock and country artists and also composers of the classical era and the great Christian hymns. I was struck by the powerful, holy, never-ending inspiration that has lifted the lives of all these artists and most of the people of the western world as well as so many from the east. They had the music in them, and now we have the music in us. In the following paragraph, I’ve tried to express poetically the sweet, soaring feelings and gratitude that well up in me as I realize this wonderful gift that we all have received into our spirits.


Elvis, like Dylan, Janis, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Ray Charles were born captives of the deepest desires of raw, naked life, born to deliver the music, the songs, the feelings, the passion from the holy core of creation to the hungry, throbbing throngs of souls yearning to be fed universal truth; the Spirit of all creation empowering its messengers to touch and lift the world with the divine current of inspiration from Christ; inspiration lifting minds from the course material plain of earth to joyful, supernatural places in the eternal realms of the Spirit.