I had a dream where I was sitting at a crudely built table in a shoddy old cottage and I could feel and hear what seemed to be a great, cosmic ocean all around me. On the table was an old, badly worn hat, a lit candle, and a plain, empty wine bottle that I remembered throwing into the Cosmos when I was young. Beside the bottle, was a cork and a note that read: what am I, who am I, and where am I going? It was signed by me and dated 50 years in the past. I remembered, in my youth, throwing the bottle into the Cosmic sea with great enthusiasm and hope but now I was feeling hopelessness, fear, and anger rising in me and I grabbed the bottle to throw it against the wall but felt some kind of large etching in the glass which wasn’t there before. The feel of the etching stopped me cold and I turned the bottle toward the candlelight; in a large royal script, there was a message: Be patient, Jack, I’m coming.