O’ Man, is God as smart as you?

When a novelist or playwright tells a story or when a director of a movie or TV show interprets a screenplay for the greatest benefit of his audience, we have no problem believing that neither of these artists will leave anything to chance in their presentation, not even the smallest detail.………….

Well, where do you think this absolute, undeniable desire for truth and completeness comes from; do you think God is going to slapdash throw His infinite Holy creation together, leaving everything to chance or give His children a perfectly designed gift that will last them forever? ———- Yes, we have forever to live in and learn about our divine inheritance and realize that we are worthy of it. We can’t learn it all in one day or one lifetime but that’s OK, we have forever………….

We don’t look at life only in material terms; we are created in the image of God, spirit. We always have been and we always will be alive in eternity.