The circle is one of the ultimate symbols in nature and our consciousness…….. Our awareness begins before our actual birth and upon our entry into the physical world, it continues to expand in a growing circle for many years, for some, the expansion may stretch to the fantastic edges of infinity.

At first, we saw our mother’s face and then our vision moved out to the walls of our secure home and on to our neighborhood, our community, our state, country, our whole earth and then to our amazing, dazzling sun, the round yellow moon, our round solar system, our round Milky Way galaxy, and the universe. (I know these things are not all round but nothing in nature is as exact as the idea of them we hold in our head) The circle has been one of man’s brightest beacons, leading him into the infinite future; like the wheel, or the clock, navigational tools, great, round logs for moving huge stones like those used to build the Egyptian pyramids or the ancient waterwheel used for early, crude machinery or cups to drink from and ancient pipe conduits to move water to irrigate crops or to bring drinking water to a village. The list is very long and moves on to infinite beginnings and endings leading man to the spiritual revelation that we are one in God…….. man was mesmerized by the circles of his life, those in the sky, the earth beneath his feet and those turning in his brain………….

However, before Man could accomplish the feats mentioned above and move into the future, he had to SQUARE THE CIRCLE*; the circle was just too wild and free to be very easily understood and used; the sun and the moon rolling freely across the sky, the earth spinning freely on its axis, time and consciousness marching uncontrolled freely from sunrise to sunrise, holding man helpless, hungry, and ignorant in its grip.

But, slowly, man matched up the movements of the sun with the seasons, divided the seasons into days, and chopped the days into hours, minutes, and seconds. Man turned the circle into wheels and invented carts and machines; he invented calendars, schedules, deadlines, and purpose. The divine inspiration for the wheels in his brain expressed their gifts through his hands and man had squared the circle, tamed the circle, not perfectly but well enough to keep moving on.

*SQUARING THE CIRCLE is a famous mathematical problem that has no perfect answer as math problems are supposed to have. I like it because it makes me think and I think there are good lessons here.