There are those among us, especially the would-be wise and learned who claim that movement is the instrument of and first cause of all change in the world; the orbit of the earth around the sun causing the seasons, the continents on earth colliding, raising up mountain ranges and enfolding what seemed to be immovable, great natural, or human storms, tides, and winds sweeping away ancient and modern empires and dreams to prepare the land for new amazing chapters of life on earth or the sun, moon, and stars, our own gigantic galaxy, the Milky Way, perhaps dictating one fantastic age after another.

NO, I say no, that’s just a human explanation for nature; the truth is we are watching the expression of God’s creation as it flows from within each of us; yes, all that God is, and of course He is infinite, is within each of us, our present spiritual condition is a filter for what our world looks like to us as we encounter it every day ——- it’s like our human parents who are the earthly source of our body and brain, they were explaining the world to us as we grow up; they were the filter shaping our world for us, telling us of their love and God’s love for us. So, now we are responsible, it’s our individual Holy life and as God’s child, it’s up to us, with God’s help, through Christ and the Holy Spirit to get it right. ——– God can’t just give His Holy life to us we must see it for ourselves and want it and accept it, then the flood of his love fills our consciousness and we begin to see the light, the infinite, eternal, unfolding light.

Ironically, because of the enormity of who we really are, we build huge edifices of fear, and obviously, it takes great jolts to our faith in these fortresses of fear to create cracks to allow the true light of Christ to get through and begin cleansing our eyes and mind and reveal His eternal, unwavering, indefatigable love for you and me. Praise be to God.