Today, in a clip that someone sent me I saw just the upper neck of a guitar. The color of the wood, the strings, and the keys were rich and warm, and an old powerful memory rose up in me so strong and animated it hurt………….

Years ago, In a shameful, immature fight with my girlfriend, in a childish rage, I destroyed my beautiful, Martin D28, sunburst guitar; my guitar that I had worked so hard for, played, and loved for ten years. I could still hear and feel those rich resonant tones it enlivened in my mind, body, and soul.

As the emotion and memory subsided, I remembered that a few years after the incident I had realized that I was destined to let go of that instrument and the music. But, since I was too immature and lacked the wisdom to do it the easy way, I had to do it the hard way.

It makes me wonder how many things I have broken, burned, or screwed up in my life for the same reason; of course, this is how a man like me gains wisdom and I accept that. And, I can see now that, all along, I was destined for this keyboard and not the fretboard.