This may sound silly to some but I’m going to share it with you all anyway because it’s probably happening in some way to you too………….

This morning, I realized that my biggest fan and supporter in life is Jesus Christ; every time I’m still enough to realize His presence right here with me I feel that amazing surge of His love and He speaks to me through nature and verifies that my most incredible thoughts of His power and His love for me are true.

This morning I was having a beautiful epiphany of His total love for me; and as it so often happens, He sent the sweetest little bird that began tweeting and dancing on my window ledge and I understand. Also, many times when I’m sitting on the back porch, alone and meditating, and one of those golden veins of rich silence brings one of His truly amazing epiphany my windchime immediately begins playing a beautiful melody, or at other times the trees in my backyard will, on cue, begin to cheer and wave excitedly up in the high branches. I just smile inside and say thank you, Father, message received.

I doubt it’s the same little, “Spiritual” bird each time over the years this has been happening, although I can’t prove it isn’t, nor would I try, and neither can I prove any of what I shared above, these are such delicate, personal matters. Of course, Science, would have to scoff at what I’m seriously presenting here because of the restraints that are put on their thinking; however, scientist are coming around, at least a lot of them are, and accepting that their discipline is just a tool and should never be a religion and that they should never even consider analyzing spirituality from their standpoint…………. I’m very happy to say it’s all working together in me as a powerful faith.