I was standing in my kitchen this morning with my thyroid pill in my left hand and a brimming glass of pure, dazzling water in my right. The sweet, clean sunshine coming through the windows struck the water causing it to sparkle and form planes of reflection on the wall at the same time. WOW, light and water together, beautiful.

I looked down at my thyroid pill and in my mind, it turned into the Hope diamond. The sweet clear light caused the huge gem to explode into sparkling energy bathing my face and I was instantly struck by the similarities and the contrast of these two amazing, naturally occurring elements of creation; and for me, I immediately saw that water was much the superior element………….

No one could sail anywhere on a sea of diamonds, nor would a sea of diamonds provide a womb to spawn countless forms of life or be the mothering arms to support seven fantastic continents that the Holy Spirit moves over to enliven an endless array of joyous, divine wonders…………. The diamond is merely a trinket of fantasy to dazzle the brain; it causes humans to dream dreams that will challenge their daily struggles to reveal and hone their divine character; diamonds beget dreams but it still takes water to grow them.

I took the pill and began drinking the water, pausing between swallows to hold the glass up higher in the light to intensify the sparkle and glow. Without thought, a powerful wave of gratitude swept over me in recognition of the loving comfort of my creator all around me, through my body, and my home. God’s peace hummed in my whole being dissolving and clearing my brain of the nightmares I had last night about his damnable, haunting, mysterious Wuhan virus…………. I thought of my wife and she walked in with a quiet sleepy, “‘morning.”