Are we humans in a physical quarantine from the virus or are we in quarantine from the unholiness of the world to confront a spiritual virus in our soul?


This morning I’ve been sitting here in my office listening to my wife ranting about the squirrels destroying her newly planted flowers and eating the precious new buds on the Magnolia tree in the front yard. I felt sympathetic to her problem and suggested I could shoot a couple of them which would put the fear of God in all the others; then we could have a nice squirrel stew like I use to enjoy when I was a kid living on the farm in Georgia. She, with an incredulous expression, rejected my offer so I retreated back to the office and a more philosophical place in myself; into that part of my brain filled with gratitude for my home, my health, and this incredible, wondrous life God has given me to live and explore.

I sat down easy, leaned back in my chair, continued to detach from the excitement, and chuckled a little about my bad joke of offering to shoot the squirrels. Calmed, I noticed I was staring at my left hand as I clenched and unclenched it which started me thinking about all the things I can’t do with my hands that so many other people can; what an incredible tool God has given us.

I don’t know how many bones, joints, muscles, sinew, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and skin comprise a human hand but the beautiful result is incredible and when you think of the fantastic guitar and piano players, painters, sculptors, cooks, people who perform sign language at public speeches, and not least of all our body strokers, finger lickers, thumb suckers, and finger painters out there; it’s amazing what we can do with our hands………….

Of course, we humans think of our bodies as flesh and blood and our homes as boards, nails, concrete, shingles, glass, and paint; our cars as metal, rubber, glass, gasoline, and oil, but personally, I’ve realized that God is appearing as you and me, appearing as my body, my hands, feet, eyes, and brain; He’s appearing as the walls, the roof, and the foundation of my house; the amazing automobile I drive and even the roads and buildings of our communities and nation, God is all there is, god informs every iota of His creation because His creation is Him; if a piece of scrap wood or a rusty nail or the Atlantic ocean isn’t animated by the spirit and
Power of God it can’t exist, period. I realize this more clearly every day.

I looked up and saw the squirrels through the window; what gorgeous little creatures they are. My whole neighborhood is teaming with squirrels, turkeys, cranes, raccoons, opossum, hawks, crows, a large variety of songbirds, a few deer, and bears; there’s a river, a big lake, and a park; a beautiful place to live especially because it’s right in the middle of Florida which is one of the absolutely great states of the United States of America —- Thank you Almighty God for my incredible, miraculous home.


These days, we are having very serious problems in America and the whole world but we have access, through prayer, to divine intelligence and wisdom and we will bow to God as we understand Him and He will forgive us for our egotism and help us get back to the beautiful spiritual path He has given us to awaken and live in Him forever and ever.