Humans always have the feeling that we are going somewhere; that we came from somewhere mysterious when we were born and that we are going somewhere mysterious when we die………….

However, when we examine the physical world we live in, as science has done, it’s clear that we’re not – really – going anywhere; the earth turns on its axes, the moon goes in a circle around us, we orbit around the sun and the sun and its planets wheel around the center of the Milky Way galaxy…………. Then, science has a theory that postulates that our Milky Way galaxy travels out into space to where it finally runs out of energy, comes to a dead standstill at which time gravity starts pulling it back to where it began when the Big Bang exploded fourteen and one half billion years ago; the Big Bang explodes again and off we go again like a yo-yo…………. Now, how many individual Big Bangs are there exploding and retracting, is there an infinite number and do they all go off regularly and endlessly? SO, is anything or anybody – really – going anywhere but in a circle?

WHAT MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE TO ME IS: We are not going anywhere; we are already somewhere, and our infinite, eternal lives are about REALIZING, ever more clearly and ever more richly that we are here in the creator’s eternal now; and that what we are realizing within our hearts and souls we are living in our daily lives. All our experiences from the very simple to the miraculous/astonishing to our apparent birth to our apparent death and beyond is an unfoldment of what we can only know as the infinite, eternal miraculous revelation of the presence of God ……….. The rewards of love, Joy, and understanding almost blow my mind.


PS: I have a book on Amazon. The title is: I SEE – Mystical and other spirited Poetry and Poetics by Jack Shinholser ..……. I’m sure you’ll love the book; there are so many great pieces in it on Rebirth – Growth – and Love.