I had a dream I was having a conversation with William Shakespeare. He was quiet with kind, penetrating eyes, attentive to everything I said. I was nervous and very deferential to him but I felt sure he understood me completely.

I was able to get the conversation going with words of admiration for him and my feelings of kinship as a writer; Of course, clarifying that though I felt we were cut from the same cloth, mine was much the rougher cut. Finally, he smiled with clear wisdom and patients and said, “Jack, you really have just one question for me, true?

I grabbed this opportunity quickly and began my fervent question. “Mr. Shakespeare, I have matured enough as an aware person and a writer to deeply appreciate that all writers, by God’s design, embed bread crumbs or messages from the creator to the readers, whether or not we are aware of it. So, I do have a question about the bread crumbs you dropped in your play, AS YOU LIKE IT, when you wrote the lines, “ All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances and one man plays many parts.”

I immediately ceased upon those crumbs because I heard you expounding my deepest belief that through successive incarnations we act out our spiritual growth on god’s cosmic stage in the powerful contrast of entrances and exits of being and not being. This stage is all creation and the infinity of circumstances generated through thoughts, things, ideas, emotions, epiphanies, and experiences are divine stage props we use to work out our understanding and acceptance of the creator’s presence and love for us. Do you agree, Sir?

A warm, pleasant smile animated Shakespeare’s face as he leaned forward and said, “Yes, Jack, I agree. We are god’s children and all the world is a stage afloat, as it were, in the cosmos which exist in God. God has filled the cosmos with everything we will ever need to realize our way to Him and His peace and live eternally in every promise He has ever made to us.