God is —– By whatever name you know Him —– God is. He is our whole world, life, mind, body, and soul; He is that power greater than ourselves………. He is the universe, our consciousness ——— He is everything.

Humans want to be safe and secure; we want to put everything in a box, a neat package or a secure building where we can lock things up and control them. We want to see our value, our worth on a financial statement, a balance sheet, or an ownership title but the truth is that the only safety and value for our material or spiritual being is in our spiritual relationship with the Christ, with God Almighty. We should preface every activity of our lives, be it personal, business, social or spiritual with recognition and gratitude, blatant acknowledgment, that we move forward in all these activities by God’s grace; that His grace goes before us to make the crooked places straight; that this daily recognition and worship of God will build for our life and nation the most powerful foundation there is and not lift our brain and human experience up as the most powerful guiding light available on our eternal journey.

The Chinese virus that is threatening our world has brought us a Holy message, a financial message: we the people have placed our well being in a very flimsy vessel on this spiritual sea of reality……… the health of the dollar……… we worship the dollar. To worship something means to dwell on it daily for an inordinate amount of time; kids worship themselves and fun, young adults worship human love, excitement, money and success, the early middle-aged people add kids and dogs and cats to their holy of holies and the older generations begin to wake up and seek God in earnest, try to better understand what worshiping God means but overall God has been steadily losing ground in America.

The Chinese virus has shown us that the dollar is like a leaf in the wind in god’s world, the spiritual world, the real world. As powerful as America seems to be in this world of ours, just a slight change in the life of a tiny virus in our world that God had balanced so well may topple America and all civilization as we know it, WOW!

I don’t think it’s too late, now that God has our attention, to turn the power of our attention, our faith, and our daily worship earnestly toward Him, board His eternal ship that commands the spiritual sea that lays before us and embrace a personal and national life that will, in His truth, lead us all into a greater and greater knowledge of His protection and love for us.