Faith is our own powerful and wonderful belief and state of mind, it frees us to realize and live the divine life God gives us all, it fires my mind and soul. If I‘m busy concocting contingency plans for every doomsday scenario the media is trying to scare me with, how can I possibly live with faith and joy? How can I plan for and move into a great life with enthusiasm? Worry and fear go together with faith and joy about as well as oil and water.

So, how can I live in a firey, strong faith today? Because my mother always told me so, George Washington told me so, my high school football coach told me so, my sponsor in my substance abuse program told me so and in the last several years in quiet prayer, the Lord told me so. I can’t believe I had to start all over at the beginning, over three decades ago, to find my way back to my birthright, but thank God I did.