(a little shocking metaphor)

They cut down a big beautiful, maybe 200-year-old Oak tree in my neighborhood today. The severed trunk of the big tree revealed the life rings, the age and soul experience of a magnificent and elegant 200-year-old life.

Unexpected tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the huge efficient chainsaws continue to whack through the body and limbs of the helpless giant, a 200-year-old life destroyed in minutes. I continued dabbing at my tears, wondering why I was beginning to slowly, painfully convulse through all my attempts to control myself. ——- “What is wrong with you, Jack?” I blurted out into the deafening screams of chainsaws as I at the same moment turned back toward my home where before I came over to see what promised to be an amazing sight; I’d been watching another scathingly critical report on TV about the crumbling state of America; it’s values, ideals, principals, and foundations.