Whether we realize it or not we all have our own Spiritual Toolbox, all seven or eight billion of us. Many of us decided not to use them in this lifetime or even acknowledge that we have one, but we do and we’re using it every day whether or not we know it.

Some will disavow having one or needing one; they just don’t know that God doesn’t give anybody, man, woman, or child the day off. A person may think they’re living for themselves, for their business, a career, or a total life of adventure, etc.; they don’t think about or see the critical parts they play in other people’s lives who are constantly working with many of the tools in their toolbox.

The last few days, I’ve felt I haven’t been paying the attention I should be to my Spiritual Toolbox. I remembered that I not only need to thoughtfully and regularly use my tools, but I also need to go through them to sharpen them up, oil them up so they move easily, and just go over them carefully to make sure I don’t miss the main points or the fine points while using them.

So, I got busy going over one of my favorite spiritual tools, the one about remembering from whence all blessings flow; of course, my first lesson was that all blessings flow from God and that is certainly true enough, but the greatest joy for me has been moving toward God through many years of growth in Christianity, Christian Mysticism, AA, Science, Philosophy, and Eastern Philosophy and Eastern Religion, just to name a few other spiritual tools, I have seen that, yes, all blessings flow from God and God is in me, or stated more clearly, God is appearing as me so this wonderful spiritual tool reveals to me that all good by the will and grace of God is pouring out from His presence within you and me.

The Father is the source of our whole daily experience; good and what we see as bad……. God working as and through us empowers us to pour out all the drama, the great successes, the failures, and the struggles of human life; God brings His children together for endless learning experiences, moving us ever-closer to Him________ these life-shaking experiences are the stuff of our spiritual lessons. Our spiritual tools are improving our understanding, our wisdom, and our spiritual vision; opening the love gates wider and wider, the joy gates wider and wider, and the ever-widening gates of wisdom lifetime after lifetime just keeps refining our vision and our thoughts until we are seeing with the eyes of Christ and thinking with the mind of Christ forever.