In a large, beautiful R&R retreat facility with sprawling pastoral grounds under a gorgeous blue sky with a dazzling but softly shining sun and powder puff clouds, John, a very compassionate and very seasoned Guardian Angel was laying back on a very comfortable lounge with his eyes closed softly repeating the Twenty Third psalm from the book of Psalms in the bible over and over; he was alternating his recitations first calmly and then with a little passion. Then he stopped as though he had been called, opened his eyes, and saw Judah, a fellow Guardian Angel on another lounge a short distance away from him, laying back on a large, comfortable couch repeating in deep reverence, The lord’s prayer.

John stood up facing Judah and nodded. Judah held out his hand beckoning John to join him. They sat in the sweet, perfect sunlight exchanging amenities, refreshments, and conversing about the beautiful and peaceful facility they were sharing.

Then after a long silence, John, with deep obvious regard looked into Judah’s eyes and ask, “Judah, if I may ask?” Judah nodded his consent anticipating the question and knowing John would never ask an inappropriate question. John continued, “For whom are you caring for now but taking this respite from?”

Judah’s face turned grave and haggard, he slowly raised his eyes to John and said, “Donald Trump”, then looked carefully at John and said, “And you?” John’s demeanor fell to match Judah’s as he said, “Joe Biden” They looked at each other and said tonelessly in unison, with grim, troubled faces, “God is in charge; it’s going to turn out his way;” and they both immediately turned back to their prayers, now with great enthusiasm.