Once a person gets over the world and themselves and is overtaken by grace they daily become astonished by how simple life is when viewed from god’s point of view, everything is just as it is supposed to be. They see that they live in a perfect world, not perfect by the demands and desires of the human ego but perfect in its creator’s design and purpose for it.

When I get frightened, greedy or lustful, I totally lose sight of what many decades of fear, horror, and struggle have taught me; I am again lost, free-falling, grasping at people, things and situations to save me. I abandon God and almost, again, go screaming into the oblivious night but God’s grace and the Holy Spirit are always there to pull me back from my old fear riddled insane thinking. My little mini nightmare melts away as it dawns on me that I have temporarily abandoned God and that God did not abandon me; once again I see the miraculous, perfect world we live in, oh so sweet.