I know God works in strange and mysterious ways but the way He is handling the transformation of America to stay worthy of leading our world through the 21st century keeps knocking my hat off every day.

Four or five years ago strange things would happen periodically but now, and for the last few years, God is working overtime wringing the hearts and minds of Americans out at a pace that keeps most of us dizzy. I will admit that America, like most any American you can name, has had and still has faults that need correcting, but the intensity at which our faults, on all sides, has come to light is shocking and exasperating.

I guess I must conclude that we have been — and are now — in need of this HOLY THRASHING if we want to realize the goals our founders laid down for us on July, 4th 1776. Praise be to Thee Almighty God, give us the wisdom and strength to complete our task.