Our little world is in a terrible state today because the little people who are in charge of it, you and me, have let the things we love and value so highly come to mean much, much more than our own fellow human beings or even ourselves.

How can people be so stupid and immature when we have many great books of wisdom, like our Christian Bible which, along with the teachings of the Romans and the Greeks, was the foundation of Western Civilization; all this incredible wisdom spelling out over and over the weakness in us that over and over ends up destroying most everything we build; abandoning all this wisdom for a bunch of fanciful promises from science of how smart we are with our big brains and that utopia is just around the corner on Mars or the moon. Wisdom still lies decaying on the shelf while most people are waiting for the next big thing that’s tailored to the eighth-grade mentality.

I guess I’m the stupid one for asking such an ageless, obvious question: of course, it’s the reason Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, we humans, are always, in the end, hopeless, helpless fools who are lost until we turn our lives over to God’s will; and lovingly pass our faith and wisdom to each succeeding generation.

Well, obviously we’ve dropped the ball but it’s never too late to start anew today because we are talking about the power of God, the power beyond all human power and understanding; the power that is shaking up our fumbling, bumbling asses right now, trying to wake us up. Our country is gone if we don’t get up on the cross with Jesus Christ right now. In other words, put our fellow human beings and our country before ourselves just like Jesus did………….

I don’t mean we should cave into every demand on us but turn to God in prayer and ask for forgiveness and mercy, pray for help and direction for ourselves and our nation and by God’s Holy name you better mean it because He is right in the mists of you and me and He knows when we mean it. If we mean it, we, with God’s help can bring our nation back to its senses; we must try, it’s our nation and our kids and our grandkids’ future. We have much to overcome but with God’s help, it will be shockingly easy.