I’ve been thinking about the gifts of God, not only the gifts of Religion, Art, Literature, Science, and our miraculous natural world but the completed gifts of Culture, Empires, nations, and Civilizations. They all came from a wondrous, divine seed, bloomed in glorious profusion and beauty but fell back into the earth exhausted; a divine gift appeared, but like anything mortal, disappeared under the waves of time.

The diligent efforts of historians to record the past have enabled us to use our gifts of vision and wisdom to see that no matter how gifted humans are they exhaust those abilities at some point and their empires, nations, and civilizations collapse with the mistaken idea, the certainty that they have received their Godly wings and so they cut themselves off from Spirit, the invisible power behind everything, or the Source, however they understand God. They all seem to make the same mistake of arriving at the conclusion that they are the Source; what a shocking, novice mistake to make.

In this reality we can’t be the source of our own being; one day you wake up and you have IT, a life, your life, your wise mother told you IT came from God or The Source, etc.; I bet she would tell anybody the same thing today…………. Then one day It’s gone despite anything anybody can do.

These thoughts have helped me see History in a whole new way. Today, I see it as an absolute, staggering gift from God; I see that He has raised up a huge number of empires, nations, entire civilizations to teach me, just one little human being, the simple lesson that if I cut myself off from Him, His power, I will become exhausted, lost, and perhaps be flushed away forever into oblivion…………. If I stay connected to Him I’m promised eternal life, that sounds exactly right to me.