There is only one picture more beautiful than a parent helping their toddler learn to eat, learn to manage their baby utensils, and get more on their face and in their hair than in their mouth, or a mom patiently helping their toddler get dressed while listening to them complain and demand, “I do it myself” or maybe the toddler’s insistence on taking over any and every job that is way too big for them or taking off like a wild puppy into the street or off the end of the porch………….

Well, that picture more beautiful is our Father, Almighty God, and His toddlers, you and me, patiently urging us to keep our hand in His and our feet on His path or not demand that we must do everything our way, travel our path of ego and pride without His light until we are defeated, lost, and collapsed into His merciful arms…………. Praise Be To Thee Almighty God.