This morning I prayed, meditated, read a chapter in the bible and then took my coffee to the back porch to watch the miraculous show of nature that has gone on here in these woods where I live for eons. The birds, the trees, the flowers performing flawlessly; the cardinals, the blue jays, the doves, and sparrows dashing about in seamless choreography as the trees, plants, and flowers sway rhythmically in the morning breeze, so beautiful.
This ancient yet pristine performance reminded me that these birds and plants or their near exact predecessors have been doing this same dance for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years.
I thought of the chapter I had read earlier in the bible, about people who had lived thousands of years ago; they were the same then as we are today, the same strengths and weaknesses; at first dedicated and proud and then self-absorbed and faithless. It’s no wonder that the average length of life for all the nations that have ever existed on earth, that we know of, has been relatively short;(they average about two hundred years)the people lose their focus, their divine bearings and forget their relationship to their god. Predictably, their nations failed; wave after wave of human hopes and struggle, filled with promise, crashing on the dream littered shores of eternity.