I really enjoy sharing all the beautiful, interesting thoughts that God has been bringing to me over the last several years, they have been building my faith day by day; however, for the last few months my spirit has been flagging, and I have written less and less until I’m now unable to write much at all. I’m forcing myself to write this message so you will know why you haven’t heard much from me and why I may not be sharing my usual upbeat thoughts and messages in the future, we’ll see.

Now on top of my little family’s normal troubles, for the last several days we’ve been grieving the death of my oldest son, Richard, who turned 57 years old last July 12th. He and I had discussed his continuous problems with failing organs, but he refused to take proper care of himself until he suffered complete organ failure. I’m not going into more detail here, it’s too painful. Richard and God have their relationship and I will not sully it by judging or second-guessing their decisions. I will just always remember the very bright, beautiful, athletic, charming, and independent guy he was growing up. He always supported me in my achievements, but he wouldn’t open up and let me give to him all I had to give, my experience in life.

This is about all I’m capable of sharing now. I pray I can resume writing soon. Your prayers for me and my family would be deeply appreciated. My love for you all is still very powerful and I’m so grateful for you all. Love to all.