I overheard some people talking about happiness and what it is. Interesting question, I thought to myself. Of course, happiness is very subjective, so I came up with this tight little answer for me based on some happy times of my life.

Happiness is when I’ve opened up and let the walls come down, allowing myself to be vulnerable because something or someone new and exciting has come into my life and I’m anticipating a big gain in my soul. Also, nostalgia can make me happy…………… Some examples…………

Happiness was when I finally made peace with my father after warring with him from when I was six until I was eighteen, twelve years of hell.

Happiness was when, in the years after my father died, I would go to see my mother and we would spend three or four days just sitting and talking. I never gave her anything she loved as much as just sitting and talking.

Happiness was when my oldest son complimented me on my writing.

Happiness is going to see my youngest son in Tennessee, and the minute I see him we grab each other and wrestle for about ten minutes, then go get pizza. And it’s even better when my older son is there to go with us.

Happiness for me was after a long struggle and everything coming together; I collected the big pay check and the big check finally cleared at the bank.

Happiness for me was when I was smitten with love; all my defenses collapsed and sweetness and light bathed my body and mind in ecstasy. My feet were barely touching the ground.

Happiness for me is when I look at all the pictures of my family, friends, and mentors that have helped me to become a responsible, loving husband, father, friend and work mate.

Happiness is……….. And joy is something more.