(A modern-day parable)

There was a man who, once again, felt a spiritual tide bringing him to the threshold of The Kingdom of God. By the many lives he had lived; lives of depravity, lives of leadership and strength, lives of weakness and fear, lives of disregard for others and totally self-involved, and lives of service and devotion, he knew he was on a path of spiritual revelation, of truth and knowledge that would, when he was ready, deliver him to and through the Pearly Gates of Heaven, The Kingdom of God.

It was the Easter season and friends, and family was gathered at his home to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The man sat quiet and still in his beliefs, feeling the spiritual tide pressing upon every revelation, every epiphany, every spiritual experience he had ever had in his many lives, and a message came up from his soul to beckon his guardian angel and as he quietly, internally complied he saw a figure come through, pass right through the wall of his house unobserved by anyone else. The figure was a large imposing male with great presence that knelt right down beside him. The man looked at his angel and said, “I’m ready.” The angel said, “Yes, we see that you not only believe you are ready but that you KNOW you are ready; of course, all the times you have come to the Pearly Gates believing you were ready, you were not, until now; of course, now you know that the Gates were always open on God’s side but only you held the key and the gates could not open until you accepted and fully knew in your heart and soul that you were worthy…….. And, you never even suspected that your HOUSE and your BODY, every ABODE and BODY you have lived in was actually the embodiment of and what you have always experienced as your mind, spirit, and soul and has always sat firmly, unthreatened, unmoved, secure in The Kingdom of God and the gates to the Kingdom is actually your front door.

“Now that your mind is fully open, we will open the front door of your house and step unfettered into The Kingdom of God. The man stepped to the door which now looked like the Pearly Gates, opened it and passed through, with the angel, into The Kingdom of God and to his wonderous joy saw before him all his family and friends he thought he’d left behind —- He turned wide-eyed to the angel who said, “Yes, they have always been with you and always will be,” they are one with you and God.