I love, love, looooove lubricants, I looooove all kinds of lubricants; natural lubricants, body lubricants, social lubricants, synthetic lubricants, romance lubricants, financial lubricants, smile and laughter lubricants, and tit for tat lubricants, but two of my very favorite lubricants are trust and faith. There is no lubricant that can match trust and faith in any and all relationships, human or animal.

Trust and faith are greater lubricants in human relationships than any of the finest lubricants are for the finest, fastest, most efficient automobile or industrial engines ever made; human relationships like marriage, child-rearing, sports teams, military teams top to bottom, and teams in companies throughout the business world.

Some people might argue that money is the greatest lubricant of all, but money destroys trust and faith and creates many very destructive negatives; whereas, trust and faith get stronger and stronger over time and maximizes the ability of every personal, private, or commercial relationship involved to reach its full potential.