I hate it when I have nagging, challenging thoughts to my faith. Yesterday, I was dutifully meditating on the incredible, amazing mysteries of Christianity when ego threw a zinger right into my blissful peace and it went like this…….

Does nature play man and his grand idea of himself for a fool;
Feeding him, by natural chemistry, dreams of love and passion;
Feeding him dreams of conquest, riches, and becoming his own god,
So as to produce one more crop of fools?

Are most of us helpless before the overwhelming creativity of the brain and body?

When I experience attacks on my faith and these devilish thoughts attempt to lead me into the blind allies of ego, I come to my senses and banish the thought by remembering that my God, the God of my understanding, is beyond all things, thoughts, ideas, theories, and concepts human; He is beyond pairs of opposites, beyond duality; yet, closer than hands and feet, closer than breath and blood. The mysteries of Christianity make it clear to me that my body is just a temporary vehicle to be used while I’m on this human trip. All these delusional thoughts are just temptations to help me sort through who God is and who I really am and that I can’t be bought by temporary promises of grandeur; you know, like Jesus Christ sitting on that high mountain and being offered riches and power over the great cities of the world by Satan, (ego) and he simply said, “(Get thee behind me Satan)”, (ego).