Every word, punctuation mark, and number lay
lifeless and exhausted before me.
Every concept, every carefully crafted work of logic
weeps defeated, sprawled on the earth wanting;
Every color, form, and musical note hangs dull and
anemic, unrealized; inept to reveal, to express the
truth of my father, God Almighty.

The universe, all universes before it, and those
to come have and will collapse, spent, dissolving,
unable to reveal my father’s truth. And yet, He
holds me in His arms, holds me in His love and joy,
and tells me of His inexpressible love for me. He
holds my hand and leads me through endless lives
of love, wonder, and joy as I frolic like a newborn
lamb in endless rebirth. Praise be to God my Holy
Father who holds me in His Holy truth for eternity.

Happy Easter everyone.