Yesterday, I saw a video about Octopus. I’ve always been both intrigued and creeped out by this unique, incredible animal; however, this video healed me of the creepiness I’ve always felt. The researchers filmed them in their natural habitat, and also played with them in large indoor water tanks like they were puppies and kittens. (The Octopus range in size from very small to 29.5 feet long, and 600 pounds.) The video featured researchers working with the smaller of the over 300 species found around the world. The Octopus would roll and tumble in and with the researcher’s hand like a kitten and also loved to play something that looked like the game of hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo. They concluded that the Octopus’s intelligence level is about the same as that of dogs and cats.

After revealing to me what a wonderful, delightful, little animal the Octopus is, the researchers went on to explain, in-depth, all its amazing survival talents. I’m not going to presume to be able to explain all their talents, I’m sure you can look that information up for yourself. but I do want to share one specific, absolute ingenious gift of camouflage they possess, they are the most gifted chameleons of all the chameleons on earth.

The epitome of their great camouflage genius was illustrated by showing the Octopus moving along through his natural environment, which is a highly varied color and textured environment, and how his body didn’t change colors and texture in a series of abrupt changes but smoothly like he was moving alone in front of a multidimensional mirror instantaneously mirroring the slightest change in color, rock texture, and light. The narrator said that the Octopus easily and completely changed his total appearance 147 times an hour while just strolling along, He mirrored the world around him perfectly.

Bam, suddenly, the question hit me, has God given us, His children, the reverse gift of the Octopus, where our personal world changes to reflect our actions and attitudes as we move in divine consciousness — as we move through our life? Do we daily, all day long, instantly see a world around us that is a mirror image, physically, mentally, and spiritually of our spiritual health and understanding; a miraculous tool to help us see the effects of how we are living on ourselves and others, I think so? We live eternally in the divine, spiritual waters of our infinite, invisible, all-loving, all-powerful God.

If God would give the little Octopus this amazing talent, how much more has He given His children?