If you know the “how”, you know the “why” because you know there is a power greater than yourself and all mankind which normal, mentally healthy people call God. The “how” is healthy questioning because, if used properly, life is enriched for everyone. The “why” is unhealthy questioning because it reveals that we don’t trust our creator and we’re trying to solve our problems by ourselves. Deep in our psyche, we harbor insecurity and fear; certain we have no one to turn to we decide our only answer is to gain complete control of everything in our lives to ease that nagging, powerful fear. (most people are in that trap now or have been in it)……. I think this is the point at the heart of the Garden of Eden story. God gave Adam and Eve all the how they could ever need but the old devil tells them there is something called the “why” that will make them equal to God which I suppose sat up a question in their heads of not being “OK” (is God different from us, maybe we’re not His children?) and so they decided they needed to own that “why” for insurance.

If we trust God, we will seek to live wisely in the world but if we don’t trust God we seek to control the world to, we hope, make ourselves feel safe. Insecure people, not feeling safe, stalked by fear, in my opinion, accounts for most of the ills of our world. The answer, in my opinion, is to seek God constantly by Looking for His presence in every person, place, thing, situation, and condition in your life and judge no one (holding back our judgment is the toughest part) and you will be amazed at how it begins to heal and expand every aspect of your life. It has worked wonders for me. I’m not saying it will cure all cancer and end all wars; the world is going to do whatever it will do but you and I can take the sane, Holy, Divine road. We can be in the world but not of it.

When you start getting the same answer for the “how” and the “why”, life becomes very sweet. I am living absolutely, completely; by the grace of God and He is my sufficiency in all things.