Words, I love words. Words are the most powerful tool we have to manage our world.

Each word is a concept to manage a myriad of information. If I say “universe” or “world” I have saved myself an inexpressible amount of description to communicate to you what I’m talking about. If I say “emergency” or just scream, my meaning is clear. What about the simple words, “home”, “mother”, “father”, God”, or “family”; with just one word I’ve touched a glorious torrent of practical and divine knowledge and understanding in you…..WOW.

And…….when your dreams and your heart are hanging, suspended, waiting for the answer and she says……yes. Your whole life, your whole world is lifted to great heights……. the power of just one word.

Words can also be very, very painful but we all know about that so there’s no need to elaborate. Kindness, that’s a great word.