It’s another beautiful day in the Christmas season here in Central Florida. I’ve been drinking my coffee, watering the grass, and feeling grateful for everything; especially my life path that has brought me to this wonderful, spiritually secure place.

This much-improved view of the world for me started one dark, gray, winter day on my way to Tampa, Florida some decades ago. I was very tired from no sleep, but I had to go, people were waiting for me. The road went right through a thick swampy area and at first, it made my eyes feel even heavier. I never liked gray, swampy, snake-infested, prehistoric-looking places, but this quickly changed and windows were opened in my soul that I didn’t even know were there. My vision was not sharp and clear and wasn’t seeing exactly what I expected to see. Instead, my tired eyes saw soft muted light playing on soft grays, slightly glistening blacks, subdued browns, and mossy gray cypress tree trunks, roots, brown grasses, and smooth flat black water. All of it together, composing a beautiful, totally stunning masterpiece. Yes, it was a masterpiece for me. I pulled off the road and just drank it in. I didn’t realize what I was seeing at the time; I didn’t know exactly what had happened to me; didn’t realize that I had had a visual, spiritual experience, a truer vision of reality right there in that swamp. Today, I can still see it clearly in my mind.

In the ensuing months and decades, that little life path experience, along with many others, has networked throughout my brain and soul redefining my view of and my experience of my world. It’s a truth that has come to light in me that can’t be seen or touched, (I call it the Holy Spirit) and it keeps expanding and informing my reality. Sometimes, it can get too far out, but somehow, grace and a pearl of restraining wisdom beyond my calculation corrals and manages my experience for my benefit and growth. How sweet is that?