I once knew a man who had received many blessings in life and he knew it, but he complained, and grumbled, and moaned and whined with self-pity that nothing ever worked out for him. He was always plotting, planning, maneuvering, conniving, and scheming to make his big dreams come true.

One day he thought he had made a new friend who could be trusted to listen and be sympathetic with his complaining and grumbling but she looked at him like a parent and said, “Will you stop whining, I can’t stand that?”

Her words shot to my core, striking the dormant spiritual presence in me; I turned and rushed to my car. I sat in turmoil and pain; she had revealed me to myself. As I drove home I could barely breathe; I was emotionally flattened. Gently, a feeling and then words began to gather in my breast and then around my heart and I began remembering the amazing words and lines on the opening page of the introduction to the first Christian Mystical book I ever read. The lines said God is appearing as you and me, appearing as each one of us, and that there is only one life; His life. We have no life outside of God………

……… A vision came to me; I had no rudder in my hand, I had no sail above me or around me; the horizon was dark and ominous and I couldn’t see past the present……… Today, that vision is gone; I’ve stopped complaining and scheming, I’m giving my life, HIS life, back to God every day. Every day, I’m sharing the message that every iota, physical and spiritual, of this miraculous creation I experience every day, is God, is God appearing to me, loving me, lifting me into His eternity.