I was thinking about how God spoke our little part of the universe into being about four and a half billion years ago and according to our science, which is clearly a gift from God, God didn’t just drop a totally completed earth and solar system down here in the cosmos. No, obviously, our world is a joyful, meticulous work of art by God.

I can see God now with a totally finished, moving picture of the earth, sun, moon, and stars in His mind as He calculated the relative positions of all the bodies in our solar system to earth for the optimum performance of the whole system; setting the sun and moon and planets at the exact distances to create the perfect conditions to have life in abundance here on earth. Science has found that there are several factors and measurements that if changed only slightly would make life on earth as we know it impossible.

I can see Him scooping out the basins for the grand oceans and great lakes, raising up majestic mountains topped with snow and stretching out the land that would become lush plains, deserts, and thick, sweltering jungles; the whole globe capped off with huge polar ice caps miles thick.

Wow, then all the intricate, delicate work began, inventing and evolving countless varieties of life forms; erasing whole species or almost all the life itself to make way for Him to begin at a higher level and to reach His ultimate vision.

On and on God worked with passion and zeal, forming erasing and reforming until He was near finished, almost everything was in focus, He had one last passionate miracle in mind – to encapsulate His own spirit and essence in this humanoid that was the center of His vision – You and I, yes you and I are Gods precious vision and He is devoted to each one of us for in us is His miraculous, eternal love and joy. Who can doubt that God’s great pleasure and purpose is to extend His life and love forever?